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Juggernaut v.2.6 Release Notes

March 09, 2015 // Posted by Emily K.

Customer Requested Items:


Add a Vendor How You Would Add a Company – Remember how easy it was to enter your first Company?  Now you can add vendors just as simply. Navigate to the Vendors page by clicking on the Vendors button on the Contacts drop down. From here, click the “Add New Vendor” button and fill out all relevant/required information.


Additional Customer Requested Items included in this release:

  • [ALPHA-1295] - Make 'show on contract' selected by default for Ad Hoc Discounts

New Features:

Turn E-Mail Lists into Cold-Call Lists – Take your targeted E-Mail lists and turn them into a tangible cold-call list. Administrators and managers can now create and assign these lists, just like any other cold-call list. Navigate to the Email Campaigns module and select Contact Lists.

From your Contact Lists page, select the Create Cold Call List button in the options available in the top right. This will bring you to an options screen that allows you to select if you wish to create a list within a campaign, or if you wish to append these names to an existing Cold Call List. Lastly, you’ll get to choose how to filter your e-mail list based on if they clicked or opened before creating a Cold Call List.

Show Total Discount on Your Contracts – When creating a template you now have the ability to show “Total Discount” on line items. Simply click the + button to add it to your template. This will combine the ‘Other Discounts’ and ‘Named Discounts’ on a line item into a single value.

Additional New Features in This Release:

  • [ALPHA-155] - Reporting Solution Jasper Reporting Datawarehouse (Ask your rep for details)

  • [ALPHA-1331] - Implement version 1.0 of Elvis Portal Interface

  • [ALPHA-1376] - Build Custom/Unique ETL Tool



Added Ability to Copy Project Info – In this release we added the ability to ‘clone’ a project. For instance, say you want to create a new project and you wish to start with the same layout/tasks/etc from another project. You can now do this when creating the project by selecting the ‘Clone a Projects Participants, Tasks and Milestones’ and choosing the project you wish to clone from. Note that only tasks, milestones and participants will be cloned.


Sales Tax Shows Correctly During Payment Scheduling – When generating an order that is placed on a payment schedule, sales tax is now added to the order automatically.  


Edit Dynamic Attributes After Creating an Order – We continue to improve how you can manage dynamic attributes. With this release you now have the ability to make changes to those attributes after the order has been created directly. Navigate yourself to a company details page and select the pending order or order tab. From here, you’ll notice a new addition to your actions bar. 


After clicking on that tempting pencil button (with the bullet lines behind it!), you’ll be taken to this screen (below) that enables you to edit the attributes already associated with this order.


Updated Company Order Page – Faster and easier to read. Only get the information you want to see with our selectable drop downs for completed orders.  

Just click the order you wish to see details about and the line items with their respective job tickets are there for your access.  

Additionally use the ‘search’ box to find orders that contain a specific item:



Additional Improvements in this Release:

  • [ALPHA-1299] - Description field on Job Ticket now updates when line item is changed

  • [ALPHA-1339] - Add Contact Salutation to Consolidated and Contact Importers

  • [ALPHA-1351] - Add the ability to generate PDF from Rep Assignment Report

  • [ALPHA-1352] - Add ability to force new page on contract templates before agreement body

  • [ALPHA-1366] - Hide inactive contacts on Company Detail Page

  • [ALPHA-1389] - Allow Agency discounting to be turned on or off (client configuration)


Additional Fixes in this Release:

  • [ALPHA-1359] - User Signature does not show up on contract if Automatic Approval set to 'No'

  • [ALPHA-1360] – International address shows up correctly on contract PDF

  • [ALPHA-1375] - Tabs are shifted in a limited access account in My Sales Center

  • [ALPHA-1388] – International Address shows up correctly on Company Statements

  • [ALPHA-1390] - Recalculate Named Line % discount if line item prices changes on order creation