Configure your instance of Juggernaut to fit your company’s specific needs. Manage the system by setting up permissions for users, items for sale/services, offices, customized forms, and more.
Client Settings/Configuration 
General: Basic client information such as client name, address, URL, etc. Email: Establish your company’s email addresses for department contact, notifications and reminders. Banking: Client banking addresses for ACH, trade and other payments. System Behavior: Turn system options on/off or set thresholds or timeframes of other options. Discounts: Set up discount programs such as pre-pay discounts and set order discount levels. Commissions: Set sales commission activity thresholds. Exports: Set export formats for orders, payments, such as csv, xml, etc.
Administration for companies includes editing records, making a company inactive or active, view company’s activities, and merging companies together.
Add all offices and edit office information (contact, editor, etc.)
Add, edit and enter the name of locales (e.g., market or city name)
Dynamic Attributes
Dynamic attributes are used for your company to customize and capture specific information based on your business needs. They can be added to contacts, companies, orders and tickets.
Activity Categories
Activity categories are used to customize your company's business activity types. These types can be selected when you create a new activity. New activities are: • Appointments • To-Do's • Notes • Call • Files • Other Event • Email
Add, edit or customize your company departments
Customize your company's positions (job titles) or use the default list provided in the Juggernaut system.
E-mail Templates
Site Templates
Customize Forms
Sales Goals
Set up yearly and monthly sales goals for individual reps
Company Categories
Set up and add company categories (also known as SIC Codes).
Contract Template Generator
Service Package
There are several different ways to import data into Juggernaut. We can provide documentation to instruct you on how to prepare your current data in order to import.
Set export formats for orders, payments, such as CSV, XML, etc.